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Hannah Everhart

Tattoo Artist - Owner

Photo by Toro Productions

Hannah is a Maryland native who began tattooing in 2013. 

Hannah is  a versatile artist who enjoys working with floral, traditional and neo-traditional themes. She has a friendly, comforting bed side manner which always puts her clients at ease. A few of her favorite things outside of the tattoo studio include travel, photography, movies, and all things Harry Potter.



Ray Everhart

Tattoo Artist

Photo by Kelly Warner

Born and raised in the DMV, Ray is completing their Apprenticeship and is taking clients in January 2022!

Ray enjoys doing botanical, illustration, and fine line tattoo work, though is always open to try new styles! Their interests include subjects like pop culture, queer imagery, anime, horror, and video games. With a background in customer service, they ensure the comfort and safety of all their clients. Aside from tattooing, Ray likes to paint, hike, and spend time with their cat.



J. Erk Nadir

Tattoo Artist

J. Erk Nadir is a trans mixed race body art practitioner specializing in electric and non electric hybrid ornamentation.  Interested in creating adornment through design work and absolutely infatuated with the taboo, offering intimate tattooing in eclectic placements such as: ears, fingers, nipples and genitals. Inspired by things like nature, textiles, queer love and smut. Outside of tattooing Erk can be found at the local SM club, a seedy dive or sleeping until the sun goes down. 



Laura Eller

Tattoo Artist

 Hi I'm Laura! I'm a black tattoo artist from dc. You can find me in my house watching the same horror movie over and over again or playing the last of us for the thousandth time. I love sci, fantasy and horror. Video games are life. Marvel stan. I love oddities and anything weird. I'm an brown anxious lil old soul Oh also my fave types of tattoos are anything creepy weird or nerdy, lots of fun colors and eye catching detail.


Mik Trapp

Tattoo Artist

Mik started tattooing after moving to the Baltimore/Frederick area in 2018 with their partner & pup. They provide both hand poke & machine tattoos, varying in styles such as ornamental/illustrative/abstract black work or anything bone related. Mik has an eclectic taste and loves creating patchwork style sleeves and hand/finger tattoos. Their main goal as an artist is to provide a safe & comfortable space for clients of all bodies and budgets! 

Outside of tattooing Mik is a homebody who loves to rewatch classic comfort shows while curled up in bed or you can catch them at their local thrift/antique shop on the hunt for rare Sanrio/vintage/witchy goodies. 


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