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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions:

In two to three hours, remove the bandage and rinse your new tattoo gently with antibacterial soap and water. Pat dry with a paper towel, and apply a small amount of A+D Ointment or Aquaphor. Just enough to lubricate the skin - not enough to make it shiny - and be sure to rub it in all the way. You’ll repeat this process 2-3 times a day for the first two days.

On the first night, recover the tattoo before bedtime. You may use a drilock pad (which we will provide) or plastic wrap. Tattoos can produce a little fluid for the first 24 hours, which can mean staining/sticking to your sheets and clothes. In the morning you’ll want to wash again and apply your moisturizer. 

After the first two days, switch from applying A+D Ointment or Aquaphor to a lightweight, white, unscented lotion like Lubriderm, Curel, Cetaphil, or Eucerin. You’ll continue using this 2-3 times a day for the following two weeks.

Your tattoo will scab up - that is totally normal, just try not to pick or scratch. Let these scabs fall off on their own in 10-14 days.

In the meantime, you can totally shower - please shower, its good for you - no swimming or submerging the tattoo under water for 2 weeks until healed. Submerging the tattoo underwater can affect the healing of the tattoo, as well as leaving you open to infection. When you’re in the shower, you’ll wash your hair, face, body, etc, and wash your tattoo last to be sure none of your other products irritate your tattoo. Always wash with unscented antibacterial soap and clean hands.

If you notice any spots that are a little light or inconsistent once the healing process is over, please contact your artist to set up a touch up. Most tattoos don’t require a retouch, but sometimes life happens and we want to make sure your tattoo looks amazing forever!

**We do not recommend vaseline, scented soaps/lotions, cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, in your tattoo’s healing process**

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